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Reality Change brought about by Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence could be the most impressive technology since the advent of the Internet. Only over time will we be able to see if the use of large language models such as Chat GPT or Google Bard will alter the way content is created, accessed and presented.

The so-called generative artificial intelligences, GAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) are booming. Since 2022, where the greatest technological revolution took place, artificial technologies have been praised, but they have also been considered a threat to humanity, but what really happens is that we still do not know the scope of these technologies.

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

It is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating systems capable of producing creative and novel results in a wide range of applications.

  • Video generation
  • Image creation
  • Music generation
  • Creation of new product designs
  • Complex problem solving

These platforms have altered the use of interactivity by consumers and businesses as significantly as initially predicted. Many companies are even relying on these technologies to get ahead.

However, lasting adoption and true innovative technology generally depend on how the customer experience is affected. Missing that customer experience mark could mean a wasted investment down the wrong path.

And this is something that has been experienced in the heyday of the voice assistant era, as voice assistants were supposed to have made touchscreens a thing of the past. Not only that, but consumers were expected to rely on voice assistants for everything: placing food orders, requesting a carpool, booking a hotel reservation or reserving a table at a restaurant.

The best technology is the one that makes our life, our work, easier. All technology acts as an assistant, whether it's a calculator on our desk for accounting or a smartphone that allows us to communicate wirelessly.

GAI has little time to prove its real usefulness. Simply being smart and fast is not enough, however, if GAI can help people and businesses produce higher quality content and communication and drive commerce, it should successfully weather the current cycle. Who knows? Maybe GAI will completely change the way we create everything from advertising creative and software code to artwork and novels. Maybe it will be used to completely destroy notions of truth and misinformation. Or, it could prove to be a convenient way to summarize common knowledge.

You need to experiment, but also plan where and how far you can go with incorporating generative artificial intelligence tools, why and how deeply consumers integrate GAI into their real lives before making big assumptions.

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