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Key Supply Chain Technologies

Keeping up to date on supply chain management trends will help you face the challenges in a more conscious way and also know the tools that can make a difference to your needs or to the growth of your company.

The Supply Chain is something in continuous evolution as it has a great impact on costs, logistics and the totality of workflows. Supply Chain Management, a planning process made to meet customer demand and achieve business objectives, has always been vital, but today it is a must all over the world and not only that, it is always in constant change.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is expected to be a major trend in supply chain management as companies continue to discover new ways to use it and people become more familiar with it. Blockchains allow supply chain companies to collect data from multiple sources into "blocks" or "fragments" that are chained together over time. The advantage of using blockchains over centralized databases is that they offer greater transparency of supply chain transactions with minimal technical downtime.

Circular supply chain

A circular supply chain is one that "closes the loop" by reusing materials and closing the supply chain cycle at the end of a product's useful life. This means moving away from a traditional linear model that starts with raw materials and ends when the product is used up and discarded. Instead, companies are now looking for ways to reuse materials that are already part of their supply chain.

Artificial intelligence and automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are being used more frequently in a wide range of industries and within the supply chain is no exception. There are numerous ways to integrate automation and AI into a company's process. AI for inventory management and even transportation routing in supply chain management procedures, AI can potentially be used for automated supply chain tracking in the future.

The key is to identify tasks and procedures that save you time or energy; often the best tasks are laborious or difficult. These types of jobs can be automated, allowing you to spend more time on things that only one person can do and maximize your investment.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions are the future of supply chain management, as is digitization. Supply chain management solutions that are localized and traditional will not suffice.

The entire team can access the data they need at any time and from anywhere, because all of your organization's data is stored in the cloud.

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