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The challenges of IT operations management

In the face of economic downturns and various global factors, IT operations management is expected to face constant challenges.

The challenges in IT operations management are getting bigger and bigger. Various factors such as modernization, cost pressures, security, digital transformation, remote working and many more have made IT operations management increasingly complex. Ongoing innovation and process improvements are helping IT managers to solve complex questions while generating some new ones.

Incident management

It is one of the main challenges in IT operations management. The solutions dedicated to provide service to attend incidents must be aligned to seek the highest possible efficiency. It must be able to be adjusted to the particularities of the system where it is applied and must be able to be integrated with external solutions that allow control and monitoring of activities. The quick resolution of failures has a direct influence on the workflow, which has an impact on the final results of our organizations.


Internal users of an IT management system must be able to solve key issues through quick responses and standard procedures that make problem resolution seamless. Closely linked to this principle is also the automation of processes. In general, within organizations we can find departments that perform similar or the same activities, so the automation and integration of these tasks to a coordinated system increases productivity and eliminates unnecessary steps within the user tasks.

IT asset management

Driven by an economic slowdown, advances in IT service management and security concerns, there will be investment in IT asset management tools and services.

IT architecture visibility

Adaptation and agility require a high level of visibility into the IT architecture in order to provide a rapid response and solution. Organizations still using legacy software systems with traditional on-premise hardware often have limited visibility into their own systems. This does not help when information is spread across multiple systems, software and team members, as is often the case in these situations. These obstacles must be remedied to provide IT operations with the proper controls and oversight to meet their strategic objectives.


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